Forthcoming Poems: 2017-2018
"Anniversary with Yellow Iris"
"Praise for the Natural World"
"Letter to My Future [Ex]"
"In the Alcoholic's Apartment, A Time Machine"
"Unsigned Letter to My Stillborn Daughter Nine
Years Later"
"On Nights When I'm Visited By My Daughter"
"In the Country Of"
"Ides of March"
"When a Mother is Not the Wind, But the Window"
"Last Will; Stage 4c"
"Litany of When"
"It's Possible Sex is Elegy"
"I Remember, I Remember"
"& What if I Speak of the Hours"  



Winner of the National Poetry Series Competition (University of Georgia Press, 2017) 

Semifinalist for the Lexi Rudnitsky First Book Prize for Women and the Philip Levine Poetry Prize (2016)

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Second ms: West of the Dead
Finalist for Four Way Books' Levis Prize (2017)
Semifinalist for Crab Orchard Series' Open Competition (2017)

Third ms: Smaller Ghosts
Semifinalist for the Philip Levine Poetry Prize (2017)

What Bodies Have I Moved (Madhouse Press, 2018)

Winner: South Atlantic Modern Language Association Award (2017)

Winner: Sycamore Review's Wabash Prize for "Hunger (or the last of the daughter-hymns)" (Spring 2017)

Winner: Water~stone Review's Jane Kenyon Poetry Prize for "Aftermath" (2017)

Finalist: Radar Poetry's Coniston Prize-
5 Poems (Fall 2017)

Finalist: Phoebe Journal's Greg Grummer Poetry Award for "Persistent Complex Bereavement Disorder" (Spring 2017)

Winner: Southeast Review's Gearhart Poetry Prize for "The Girl in the River" (Fall 2016)

Finalist: Southern Humanities Review's Witness Prize for "Near Narajiv Selo"(Fall 2016)

Runner-up: Arcadia's Dead Bison Editor's Prize for "Traveling Through Tennessee
in January" (Fall 2016)

Finalist: Phoebe Journal's Greg Grummer Poetry Award for "The Year Between Storms" (Spring 2016)
*Also nominated for Best of the Net

Finalist: Crab Orchard Review's Student Awards for "Why I Leave" and "Song from a Drowning City (Legato)" (Spring 2016)

Pushcart nominee (2016): 
"Last Night I Knew Myself"
"The Roger's Pass Sheds"

Pushcart Nominee (2017)
"Ghost Walk After the Resurrection"
"Hillsborough County Aubade"
"Aubade in Which I Speak to My Estranged Mother"
"Hnyla Lypa River Testimony"
"Narrow Gauge Railyard: In Reverse"
"Leaving Rohatyn"
"Dearest God of Exiles"